Flue Gas Scrubber, Caustic Scrubber

VOC gases sox, h2S contaminants are removed by gas absorption process by gas-liquid contact on packed bed. The scrubbing liquid is fed into the top of the scrubber column with gas flowing in counter current mode. As the liquid flows On the packed bed scrubber, the scrubbing liquid (NaOH Solution 1.5 - 10% and NaOCl Solution 0.5 – 12%) wets the gas rising through the column making close contact with the down flowing liquid. The soluble gases and VOC are scrubbed from the mixture of gases by liquid. Caustic soda reacts directly with gases as the gas approaches the liquid interface. The support plate at the bottom of the packing bed is designed for least resistance and maximum flow area and to have better distribution of gas across packing bed and draining liquid completely. The distributor mounted on top of the packed bed is designed to provide uniform wetting of the packing.

REVA's unique '2' bed tall scrubber system with proprietory design reagents are used to scrub some of harsh gases.

lower foot print ideal for congested plants. Can be used for dust collector dust separator as well. VOC's removal capacity to meet local norms.