ISET Technology (h2S Removal)

Iset technologies

REVA PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES is expert in providing complete turnkey solutions for various processes and Holds process license for ISET technology for h2S Removal.

Biogas-Composition and Treatment

The composition of biogas is mainly Methane, CH4 (55-65 %), Carbon dioxide, CO2, (30 - 40 %) and hydrogen sulfide, H2S, (0 - 6%) depending on the type of waste and the temperature of the digester used. The calorific value of biogas is around 24 – 28 MJ/ m3 (depending on the CH4 content in the gas). It is a potential and efficient fuel source for power generation if the hydrogen sulfide is removed from it.


Need for Hydrogen Sulphide Removal:

  • Highly toxic.
  • Highly corrosive gas .
  • Major pollutant in fossil fuel based industries.
  • It is immediately lethal to humans at 1 - 3 mg/lt of air and causes illness at lower levels.
  • It is more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide. At high concentrations it will lead to almost instantaneous poisoning and death due to the result of complete arrest of respiration.

ISET- Advantages:

  • H2S is converted to solid Sulfur, which has commercial value.
  • No gaseous emission .
  • The system is capable of handling fluctuations in H2S concentration and biogas flow rate.
  • This process is highly selective for H2S with little H2S being removed.
  • Easy start up and shut down.
  • Online removal of Sulphur generated prevents choking/clogging of regenerator.
  • The chemical used is regenerated implying low running costs compared to other systems.
  • Tailor made for individual gas flow rates and inlet hydrogen sulfide concentration.
  • No choking as Sulfur is removed online in the process.
  • Easy to operate with moderate instrumentation and controls .
  • Easy maintenance after proper operation and shutdowns.

ISET- byproducts

  • Elemental Sulfur is byproduct of this process.
  • The sulfur particle produced in the process is typically 2 – 8 microns and a purity of more than 95 % can be achieved with good water washing.
  • Sulfur for its good vulcanizing property is used in the rubber manufacture.
  • The industrial grade of sulfur finds applications in paper and pulp, mining, steel, and oil refining. Sulfur is formulated for use as nutrients, soil amendments and pesticides. It can also be used in fungicide formulation and finds major application in pharmaceutical industries. This is also employed in sugar industries, petroleum refining and explosives.