It is reactions in the presence of high pressure hydrogen to remove oxygen (deoxygenation) along with other heteroatoms (Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Chlorine). Hydro-treating is a process widely used for producing high quality fuels and lubricants by isolating hydrocarbons with the proper boiling range and viscosity characteristics. Hydrogen Feed is preheated using the reactor effluent through exchanger which is combined with the feed and heated to the hydro treating temperature using a fired heater. Hydrogenation occurs in the presence of catalyst to improve H/C ratios and to remove Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Metals. Hydrotreatment process combines advanced process technology, high-performance catalyst systems, and efficient reactor internal designs. The Hydrotreatment plant is built with advance control systems.

  • Highly reliable and safe designs
  • Advanced Automation
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Combined with/without amine systems for off gas cleaning
  • Once through/Recycled gas options