Bio-Gas Upgradation System

REVA PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES enhances the energy value of the Bio-Gas to give longer, driving distances with a fixed gas storage volume. Removal of carbon dioxide also provides a consistent gas quality with respect to energy value. Biogas consists mainly of methane (CH4, 55-65%) and carbon dioxide ( CO2, 35-45%). Methane is a valuable form of gas, as it is an efficient energy carrier with a wide range of uses. Aside from methane and CO2, biogas also contains trace components like Water Vapor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Siloxanes, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen. The proportion of these trace components depends on the source of the biomass. The presence of water vapor, H2S, and CO2 make biogas very corrosive and unsuitable to be used as fuel. REVA has acquired state of H2S srubbing technique which converts H2S to water molecule and elemental sulpher. Depending upon feed source the characteristics/quality of Bio-Gas generated in digestes various drastically.To use Bio-Gas as clean fuel it should be free from all contamients.

Biogas upgrading or purification is the process by which contaminants in the raw biogas stream are absorbed or scrubbed, leaving purer methane. This final product is called bio-methane. Bio-methane can also be compressed and bottled into cylinders and it is called Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (Bio-CNG).

  • State of the act proven technology
  • 0% losses
  • Energy saving
  • co2 & sulpher arebi-products. Added revenue
  • Saftey complient
  • Advance automation